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Star king (korean) Desember 21, 2009

Posted by simpletob3honest in hiburan.....
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First time I saw the “star king “, I immediately felt,,, how funny this show … .. hhahahaahaaThis show is airing on Korean television and has drawn my heart to watch it,, the guest star, MC, and other participants including .. I am very pleased with this event, full of laughter, it does not lose, if you see this show.Do you know, when and how I witnessed the beginning of this show??that day, exactly a month ago,I was opened a youtube site, where I wanted to find something new and of course funny. not intentional, I find this show. I then thought, this show, has the same concept as in gongshow in Indonesian television. but when I look again and again, there is diferents.that are, in this event, the guest star funny and can bring the atmosphere, and the show is not monotonous. like this very much … .. hehhehe ..These same two events was funny at all, but has different in the broadcasting area, which has one Korean,and  one Indonesian.Although I can not see it live, (hopefully I got the chance to watch live in studio) hehhheehheh, or from television, yes, because I could only watch from youtube upload, I am happy .. at least get rid of the existing sense of fatigue. thanks for that uploader.I can only say: watch it!! I am sure you will not regret it ..Do you ever watch it??if you don’t, try it!!

i apologize for my bad english, i am newbie..^_^



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